Dynamic Aspects of Speech Production: Current Results, Emerging Problems and New Instrumentation

Instrumentation and measurement
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Your Instant Quote is empty. Request a Quote How to Buy or Rent. Please Confirm Confirm your country or area to access relevant pricing, special offers, events, and contact information. About Keysight. Keysight Technologies History A history of groundbreaking industry firsts. Company History Timeline. News Releases Introduction. Bulletins s. In the News s. Images s. Editorial Backgrounders s. Videos s. Awards s. Journalist Contacts s. Santa Rosa employees celebrate the newly launched Keysight.

The oscillator uses an incandescent bulb as part of its wiring scheme to provide variable resistance, a breakthrough in stability in oscillator design. The principle of feedback provides the foundation for other early HP products such as a harmonic wave analyzer and several distortion analyzers. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard designed it as an open system without interior walls, so space could be flexible. Dave Packard designs a voltmeter that gives unprecedented reliability at a lower price than the competition HP enters the microwave field with the Model A signal generator developed for the Naval Research Laboratory and a radar-jamming device.

A complete line of microwave test products follows, and the company becomes the acknowledged leader in signal generators. Test times are reduced from approximately 10 minutes, to one or two seconds.

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The product is a huge success, and is used for measuring everything from transmitter frequencies, to the accelerometers on which ballistic missile guidance systems were based. Joint Venture with Yokogawa Electric Works. As the company's central research facility, HP Labs is one of the world's leading electronics industry research centers. Today, it is known as Keysight Laboratories.

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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute used the A on ships for nearly a decade to interface with laboratory instruments. HP introduces its first all-solid-state component oscillator. Over time, the cesium beam standard is used in time-critical applications. Deputy Secretary of Defense and serves from — Laser Interferometer HP introduces the automatic microwave network analyzer, which becomes an indispensable tool for the design and manufacture of microwave systems HP produces a laser interferometer capable of measuring to millionths of an inch.

HP enters into a purchase agreement to acquire acres in Santa Rosa; the site in Northern California later becomes the headquarters of Keysight Technologies HP establishes operations in Penang, Malaysia, with 60 employees producing core memory stacks in a rented bungalow on Macalister Road. The standard allows up to 14 instruments per bus to connect easily to a computer.

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Dynamic Aspects of Speech Production: Current Results, Emerging Problems and New Instrumentation [Masayuki Sawashima] on guirototdowar.gq *FREE*. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Dynamic Aspects of Speech Production: Current Results, Emerging Problems, and New Instrumentation" by Ilse Lehiste et .

Years later, the Agilent Foundation and Keysight Foundation debut. Frequency and Time-Interval Analyzer. Company's 50th Anniversary. The system helps the industry prove that these new technologies can form the basis of an information highway for transporting voice, data, image and video over the same network.

Networks function with greater accuracy and reliability, delivering new digital services for voice, data, and video communication. HP introduces the industry's first low-cost, high-speed small infrared transceiver, which allows wireless "point and shoot" data exchange in a wide range of portable computing applications such as phones, computers, printers, cash registers, ATMs, digital cameras and more HP introduces the broadband service analyzer, a new portable tool for installing broadband networks.

It sets up complex tests to measure network quality with the touch of a button, and makes Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM technology more accessible. HP introduces the first mixed signal oscilloscope MSO Co-founder David Packard dies on March 26 HP creates a network-timing synchronization for wired and wireless high-speed digital networks, eliminating many challenges in transmitting data or images over telephone lines HP introduces the first Infiniium oscilloscope The innovative Series 3 board test system allows manufacturers to test printed circuit boards faster and more effectively than ever before The HSM high-speed memory test system can be used for high-volume production testing of RDRAM chips.

These chips operate at MHz and offer memory-chip manufacturers the smallest footprint, lowest cost of test, and lowest-risk solution available. HP introduces the EA VXI microwave synthesizer which is ideal for automated test applications, including field tests, avionics, and communications systems The TestBook Wireless integrated diagnostic solution provides technicians centralized access to diagnostic and customer-service information in the service bay or field, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing repair costs HP announces strategic realignment to create an independent measurement company composed of test and measurement components, chemical analysis and medical businesses, and a separate computing and imaging company that includes all of HP's computing, printing, and imaging businesses Agilent Technologies, the name of the new measurement company, is announced at a historic brand-identity launch event in San Jose, California, by Agilent President and Chief Executive Officer, Edward W.

Photonic Switching Platform.

CURRENT TOPICS IN MATERIALS RESEARCH | Advancing Materials Research | The National Academies Press

OSI enables the company to provide a complete solution to service providers that offer 3G wireless, optical, broadband Internet Protocol, and voice-over-packet networks and services Agilent appears for the first time on Fortune magazine's list of the top U. Originally a manufacturing site built by HP in , it is now the centralized location of many functions including the company's Corporate Headquarters, formerly located in Palo Alto. MSE also interacts strongly with related activities: education and teaching, commerce and industrial economics, national security, and environmental quality.

The multidisciplinary nature of the field undoubtedly aids its involvement in a wide range of human concerns and interests. MSE includes both the scientific, rigorous approach to acquiring and applying knowledge and the long-standing empirical method. Often the two go hand-in-hand, building on each other—empirical observations of the behavior of materials suggest phenomenological models for their explanation which, in turn, often get refined into predictive, analytical models.

Both the phenomenological and more rigorous approaches suggest new ways to proceed, say, in endeavoring to optimize desired material properties. Examples of this mixture of the scientific method and empiricism are the continuing searches for superconductors with higher transition temperatures, for cheaper and more efficient catalysts, and for textured alloys with superior strength-to-weight ratios. But always, in its most ambitious reaches, MSE relates a fundamental understanding of the behavior of molecules, atoms, and electrons to the real.

MSE offers opportunities to combine the deep intellectual challenges and excitement of basic research with the satisfactions of solving real and socially significant problems.

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It is involved with the improvement of communications, computers, consumer goods, national defense, energy supply, health services, housing, transportantion, and so on. Either directly or through the intermediary of these technologies, the field is also very relevant to several other key concerns of mankind, particularly environmental quality and the conservation of natural material and energy resources. MSE is, then, a necessary, though by no means sufficient, component for the progress and even survival of mankind.

While we cannot always be certain beforehand where MSE will lead us, we do know that without it, technological advance would slow down and society would have to live with, or do without, the present state of technology.

Language (Speech) Production

One way of describing MSE is to give some examples of earlier achievements. The listing in Table 3. The table illustrates the interdependence of these three categories; but by no means should it imply that the initiative for a new development always comes from basic research.

The opposite is more typically the case.

Occasionally, basic research in materials turns up discoveries which may be of momentous importance, such as the discovery of superconductivity, the theory of transistor action, and the discovery of masers and lasers, but more often than not basic research is stimulated by, and supported because of, its ultimate relevance to practical applications as foreseen by the sponsor if not always the actual performer.

In addition to the examples in Table 3. More complete case studies are given in Appendix A of this Chapter, but here we offer some comments on particular features of each example. Elemental semiconductors, effects of impurities on conduction properties, impurity chemistry segregation, alloy systems , crystal-growth studies, dislocations, surface chemistry, etc.

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Zone refining, float-zone crystal growth, controlled doping in Czochralski growth, epitaxial growth, controlled alloying, diffusion, oxide masking, photo- and electron-beam lithography. Transistor, integrated circuits, tunnel diodes, impatt diodes, charge-coupled devices. Binary compound semiconductors, plus special emphasis on optical properties—luminescence, electroluminescence.

Band structure theory. Increased control over epitaxial growth—liquid-phase epitaxy. Gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, silicon carbide. Ternary-compound semiconductors. Phase-diagram explorations. Properties vs. Dielectric properties of polar and non-polar crystal lattices. Pyroelectric properties. Nonlinear optical materials Electro-optic materials. Lead zirconate titanate. Optical modulators, deflectors, harmonic generators. Parametric oscillators and amplifiers. Infrared pyroelectric detectors.

Piezoelectric filters. Electrical magnetic and thermodynamic properties of metals at extremely low temperatures. Many-body theory. Lattice modes. New superconductors—high transition temperature, high critical current, e. Superconducting switches. New phenomena—Josephson effect—in thin superconducting films. Superconducting solenoids, for high magnetic fields. Ultra-low electromagnetic signal detectors. Cryogenic logic. Magnetic properties of insulating crystals—relating magnetic properties to crystal structure and composition. Microwave devices-circulators isolators.

Bubble-domain memory and logic devices. Magnetic alloys—relation of magnetic properties to composition, micros tructure, and deformation process. Transformer cores. Nonlinear magnetic devices-pulse transformers, amplifiers, memories, Controlled coercive-force alloys. High coercive-force alloys.