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Brewed exclusively in London UK, and available for the first time in Russia, quench your thirst with sugar-free cold coffee and low calorie soda without additives.

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Get that British flavour, right here in Russia. Legendary English pastries with a history of over years. According to Yorkshire county tradition, the dish was cooked out of batter and was baked simultaneously with hot meat. Over the years, Yorkshire pudding and evolved, and nowadays, the pudding should be airy, soft and tender inside and with a crispy crust — outside.

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The dish still comes in a traditional Sunday lunch in parts of Yorkshire and served with Gravy sauce which you can buy online from our shop. In order to maintain affordable prices, we manage the entire export and import process from UK to Russia by ourselves, right from Heathrow Airport to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and finally at your doorstep, we manage the full process.

Our products are extensively tested and quality assured both in UK and in Russia, having EAC certifications and routinely tested by Rostest Federal Government Laboratory in Moscow for quality monitoring purposes. English food used to be.

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Now it is not only easy. Maybe the first question is how English cooking got to be so bad.

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A good guess is that the country's early. Millions of. Worse, they did so at a time when the technology of. And so ordinary people, and even the middle classes,. But why did the food stay so bad after refrigerated railroad cars.

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Round muffins with a distinctive texture, they are soft and crumbly. Read 14 Reviews. I like USA food, too! Continue to 5 of 10 below. Carmen : OK, Celia, if you were cooking these dishes at home, what ingredients from different cultures would you use? Sunday lunch in the U. Roast potatoes.

Now we're talking about economics--and about the limits. For the answer is surely that by. The appreciation of good food is,. Englishman, circa, say, , had never had a really good meal, he. And because consumers didn't demand good food,. A sausage wrapped in an egg and various other ingredients that make up pastry. Can't decide on dessert? Let trifle solve the conundrum.


Layer one pudding on top of another pudding on top of another and cover it all with whipped cream. For good measure, douse the whole thing in fortified wine then chuck on a bunch of brightly colored sprinkles and a cherry. Brits will put a cherry on top of anything and call it dessert.

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The heroin of desserts. In some upper-class areas of Britain, you can't move for the aristocrats passed out in the gutter having overdosed on this intoxicating mixture of meringue, cream and fruit. We couldn't find a steak and kidney pudding to photograph. So imagine this pie, but upside down. How do you like your steak? Medium rare and served with peppercorn sauce? Gently seared with a crisp green salad on the side?

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Or perhaps the way that the Queen Of England probably prefers it: cut into chunks, combined with the vital organs of a sheep and stuffed inside a gigantic bucket of pastry? In China, it's fried with egg.

In Japan, it's served cold with raw fish. There's only one way we serve our rice in Britain: overcooked and drowned in milk and sugar..

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A rolled up cake made of shredded fat filled with jam. Something like this could only be conjured from the imagination of a nation that also gave you The Beatles, the World Wide Web and fox hunting. We built an empire and subjugated many a nation to protect our right to eat fish and chips out of an old bit of newspaper. At least I think that's what British colonialism was about.

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This is a list of prepared dishes characteristic of English cuisine. English cuisine encompasses .. Dickson Wright, Clarissa () A History of English Food. Feast your eyes on Britain's finest home-grown dishes, from the full English to toad in the hole.

Either way, we'd go to war with the world all over again if our fried fish in batter was ever under threat. History will probably one day reveal that the English Civil War of was started by two idiots who couldn't agree on whether the jam or cream went on the scone first. This is still a cause of division in the country that makes our bickering over Brexit seem tame and reasonable by comparison.