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Much of this data is managed by the Sentilo Platform.

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In the summer of , the City of Columbus , Ohio began its pursuit of a Smart city initiative. It partnered with American Electric Power Ohio to create a group of new electric vehicle charging stations.

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Many smart cities such as Columbus are using agreements such as this one to prepare for climate change, expand electric infrastructure, convert existing public vehicle fleets to electric cars, and create incentives for people to share rides when commuting. For doing this, the U. One key reason why the utility was involved in the picking of locations for new electric vehicle charging stations was to gather data.

The data we collect will help us build a much bigger market in the future. Because autonomous vehicles are currently seeing "an increased industrial research and legislative push globally", building routes and connections for them is another important part of the Columbus Smart city initiative. There are other notable actors in Greater Copenhagen that coordinate and initiate Smart city initiatives including State of Green and Gate21 , the latter of which has initiated the innovation hub Smart city Cluster Denmark.

To monitor pollution levels, Copenhagen Solutions Lab is currently working with Google and has installed monitoring equipment in their streetview car in order to produce a heatmap of air quality around the city. The information will help cyclists and joggers plan routes with the best air quality. The project also gives a glimpse of the future, when this kind of information could be collected in real time by sensors all over the city and collated with traffic flow data. In another article with The World Economic Forum, Marius Sylvestersen, Program Director at Copenhagen Solutions Lab, explains that public-private collaborations must be built on transparency, the willingness to share data and must be driven by the same set of values.

This requires a particularly open mindset from the organisations that wish to get involved. To facilitate open collaboration and knowledge-sharing, Copenhagen Solutions Lab launched the Copenhagen Street Lab in Here, organisations such as TDC , Citelum and Cisco work in collaboration with Copenhagen Solutions Lab to identify new solutions to city and citizen problems. The project aimed to integrate private and public sectors, enabling citizens to access these sectors through their smartphones. Some initiatives include the Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy to create driverless transits, fully digitizing government, business and customer information and transactions, and providing citizens hotspots to access government applications by In addition, the Smart Nol Card is a unified rechargeable card enabling citizens to pay for all transportation services such as metro, buses, water bus, and taxis.

There is also the Dubai Municipality 's Digital City initiative which assigns each building a unique QR code that citizens can scan containing information about the building, plot, and location.

Dublin finds itself as an unexpected capital for smart cities. It includes Dublinked- Dublin's open data platform that hosts open source data to Smart city applications. These include the sustainable and computerized management of infrastructure, garbage collection and recycling, and public spaces and green areas, among others. By the 21st century, SmartCity Malta , a planned technology park, became partially operational while the rest is under construction, as a Foreign Direct Investment. Established in July , the project is being carried out by a consortium of 22 public and private organisations, including Manchester City Council , and is aligned with the city's on-going devolution commitment.

The project has a two-year remit to demonstrate the capability of IoT applications and address barriers to deploying smart cities, such as city governance, network security, user trust and adoption, interoperability, scalability and justifying investment. CityVerve is based on an open data principle that incorporates a "platform of platforms" [] which ties together applications for its four key themes: transport and travel; health and social care; energy and the environment; culture and the public realm.

This will also ensure that the project is scalable and able to be redeployed to other locations worldwide. Milan , Italy was prompted to begin its Smart city strategies and initiatives by the European Union's Smart Cities and Communities initiative. However, unlike many European cities, Milan's Smart city strategies focus more on social sustainability rather than environmental sustainability.

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Milton Keynes has a commitment to making itself a Smart city. Currently the mechanism through which this is approached is the MK:Smart initiative, [18] a collaboration of local government, businesses, academia and 3rd sector organisations. The focus of the initiative is on making energy use, water use and transport more sustainable whilst promoting economic growth in the city.

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Central to the project is the creation of a state-of-the-art 'MK Data Hub ' which will support the acquisition and management of vast amounts of data relevant to city systems from a variety of data sources. These will include data about energy and water consumption , transport data, data acquired through satellite technology, social and economic datasets, and crowdsourced data from social media or specialised apps. The MK:Smart initiative has two aspects which extend our understanding of how Smart Cities should operate.

The first, Our MK, [87] is a scheme for promoting citizen-led sustainability issues in the city. The scheme provides funding and support to engage with citizens and help turn their ideas around sustainability into a reality. The second aspect is in providing citizens with the skills to operate effectively in a Smart city.

The Urban Data school [88] is an online platform to teach school students about data skills while the project has also produced a MOOC [89] to inform citizens about what a Smart city is. New York City is developing a number of Smart city initiatives. A notable example is the series of city service kiosks in the LinkNYC network. These provide services including free WiFi, phone calls, device charging stations, local wayfinding, and more, funded by advertising that plays on the kiosk's screens.

The city of San Leandro , California is in the midst of transforming from an industrial center to a tech hub of the Internet of things IoT technology that lets devices communicate with each other over the Internet. The goal would be to give the city an energy system that has enough capacity to receive and redistribute electricity to and from multiple energy sources. An alternative use of Smart city technology can be found in Santa Cruz, California , where local authorities analyse historical crime data in order to predict police requirements and maximise police presence where it is required.

This use of ICT technology is different to the manner in which European cities utilise Smart city technology, possibly highlighting the breadth of the Smart city concept in different parts of the world. Shanghai 's development of the IoT and internet connection speeds have allowed for third party companies to revolutionize the productivity of the city. The Government of India has the ambitious vision of developing cities by modernizing existing mid-sized cities.

Despite its size and lack of natural resources, Singapore a city-state has overcome many of its challenges in 50 short years to become one of the world's most advanced and livable countries. It has embarked on its next phase of transformation towards a Smart Nation, and endeavours to harness the power of networks, data and info-comm technologies to improve living, create economic opportunities and build closer communities. Stockholm 's Smart city technology is underpinned by the Stokab dark fibre system [] which was developed in to provide a universal fibre optic network across Stockholm.

The company is owned by the City of Stockholm itself. The e-Stockholm platform is centred on the provision of e-services, including political announcements, parking space booking and snow clearance. Such an approach lays the fundamental principles of infrastructural, technological and social development of Kyiv , and defines the future transformation of the city area. There are several public projects, based on digital technologies, in Kyiv.

The criticisms of smart cities revolve around: [36]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Smart City film. This article is missing information about platforms and technologies. Please expand the article to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page. May Further information: Songdo International Business District. Main article: Smart Cities Mission. Main article: Smart Nation.

See also: Surveillance issues in smart cities. MIT Press. In Deakin, Mark ed.

Taylor and Francis. In turn, public authorities are seeking to reduce costs and raise performance by adopting similar approaches in the delivery of public services. However, the concept of a Smart City goes way beyond the transactional relationships between citizen and service provider.

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