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Would I cut his pretty throat? Would I?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) short film

Some disaster has happened, some war, perhaps, all the lower floors are ruin. But, like the house itself, all Danny tells us is perpetually shifting shapes, 21 within a rewriting of the Minotaur myth, with Danny as sole survivor in a vertical, rather than horizontal, maze.

Here I wake. But there are times yet worse, times like tonight, when the dream door swinging open is my own, when the empty house I wake into is this one. I can see him at the door, his blue eyes glowing—this is not a dream any more, but I can still see him, can even hear his breath, heavy and forced. For a long time he looks at me. But at the end he only smiles, derisive. There is unfinished business between us. Again comes the sensation that the passage of time has been slowed or stopped.

That he will never leave this darkness. Maledicta and Malefica are, of course, twins. Gothic figures of fragmentation, disorder and excess are frequently mirrored by textual bodies that reject organic unity in favour of a multiplicity of viewpoints and styles, pastiche, collage, and quilting. These provide a representational correlative for the polymorphousness of fear itself.

Cavallaro, , An extraordinary pastiche of genres, from stories of haunting to epistolary novels to autobiography to academic research, the novel is a palimpsest of texts and narrated film. A tongue-in-cheek pastiche of philosophical enquiry, an exhaustive exploration of the myths of the labyrinth and the Minotaur, a de construction of representation in all media from film to photography, to collage, to poetry, and prose in its many genres, House of Leaves is a reflexive creation of the haunted house.

For this has all been a great leaving. Of sorts. Page only has this block of words at the center of the otherwise blank page:. This note aptly reads:. And as one reads the exploration of the house, footnote opens up in a blue-framed window top right of the right page page , to give an inventory of all the amenities present in a house but absent from the maze. In your dreams , simultaneously ordering representation and its impossibility—or, more deviously, its surrealistic possibility… in dream-form. A coded letter, which Danielewski leaves it up to us to decipher, after giving us the key, points to the meanings within meanings, creating a paranoid universe of monsters that appear only to disappear—thus, in footnote , Johnny tells us of a nightmare in which he obviously is the Minotaur, about to be killed by Theseus For instance, when one door after another slams shut in the labyrinth and only one word appears per page, from page to page, to performatively narrate this, the single word per page creates the impression of a Dolby surround sound effect of doors slamming left and right.

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Cinema invades us through our sense of hearing too, making us vulnerable to suddenly squeaking doors, sighs or whispers, screams or spooky music. In contrast, literature can only use words, even when in metaphorical imagery, synaesthesia or calligrams.

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Examining film and television history, we can see that issues of socioeconomic inequality and collective trauma from economic depressions and recessions have been frequently featured onscreen. The devastating world wars made massive impacts on the psychology of human beings. Sometimes it is difficult for us to remember what some of the old values — position, formality, dignity, temperance, decorum or loyalty — meant to those who lived in our past. Last Year at Marienbad , Alain Resnais Written by Alain Robbe-Grillet, directed by Alain Resnais, Last Year at Marienbad is a striking, beautiful and surreal dream composed of intricate ornamentation, classical gardens, complex corridors and psychological chess. Trauma In the post-modern time, due to the fragmented social structures and unstable psyche, there arose several themes in the literary texts. Phobia, horror and abjection lie with apparent fullness and fulfillment, not with the gap, for plenitude is only ever a broken promise, while the gap is a precondition of creativity.

The novel begins with the voice of a teenage girl who fell to her death in the dumbwaiter, just after having started to work as a hotel chambermaid. Though the ghost displays a form of teenage cynicism, she also expresses a tragic consciousness of disappearing completely. This off-color image is reflexive of the hole language itself seems to be falling into: there is a surrealistic, Alice-in-Wonderland aspect to this play on holes and vanishing. The text is that hotel from which the character, real and unreal, material and immaterial, cannot escape.

The performative reality of narrative, which by telling, creates, is reversed here into the paradoxical creation of erasure, the opening up of blanks.

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From tales of haunting that deliberately shun the house for larger settings, to attempts to renew the topos from a psychoanalytical perspective, presenting it as a projection, double, or embodiment of the haunted psyche itself, the haunted house narrative haunts on. As they do so, they explicitly refer to images of the maze and of entrapment without end.

That contemporary postmodern gothic is more self-conscious and more sophisticated than ever before Spooner, 23 34 does not make it any less terrifying, quite the contrary.

Knopf, Hide and Seek , dir. John Polson, Twentieth Century Fox, Life Before Her Eyes The , dir. Vadim Perelman, Magnolia, Manchurian Candidate The , dir. Jonathan Demme, Paramount, Nightmare on Elm Street , dir. Wes Craven, New Line, Others The , dir. Guillermo Del Toro, Warner Bros, Rocky Horror Picture Show The , dir. Jim Sharman, Twentieth Century Fox, Sixth Sense The , dir. Night Shyamalan, Buena Vista, Ari Folman, Sony, What Lies Beneath , dir.

Robert Zemeckis, Twentieth Century Fox, Phobia, horror and abjection lie with apparent fullness and fulfillment, not with the gap, for plenitude is only ever a broken promise, while the gap is a precondition of creativity. Haunted houses became metonymies for the haunted psyche and body, and beyond, for the dark frustrations experienced by women as women, but also as marginalized or repressed artists.

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As a symbol of possession , the haunted house saw its meaning literally upset as it was turned into a deliberately flaunted representation of the subconscious, within a critique of gender and class politics. Buildings, then, become ways of commenting on class politics, gender politics, and related structures of power and knowledge. They often depict, more or less elliptically, the spaces disavowed by entire cultures. Freyd is helpful to understanding how severe trauma can lead to near-total or even total amnesia. The novel is narrated by one of a group of teenagers who died in a car crash at midnight on Halloween exactly a year earlier, and who have come to haunt the survivors the entire novel takes place over 24 hours.

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Come back with us, before all this begins. Stick the leaves back on the trees, glue the acorns back in place. Use your magic tape to reconstruct us the way Brooks never could.

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Start at the cemetery […] the priest speaks backwards. American Studies Journal. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Danielewski , Matt Ruff , maze , multiple selves , postmodern , projection , thriller , Toni Morrison , trauma. Outline Introduction. Cultural haunting and postcolonial minority literature. The war veteran and the haunted house of the hospital. The postmodern updating of the haunted house as body and of the body as haunted house.

It also resonates with me because of the absurdity of racism. Gloria Naylor is one of my favorite authors. Really interesting. Oh thank you for much for covering this book, which was my close companion back in The place where travelers go as an escape, at the intersection of very real worlds.

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That summer, I was living in a tiny town in Jordan, terribly ill and wishing for home for half the summer. The novel is so rich that it provides that escape-the perfect book at the perfect time. I never get tired of reading it.

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Great article, a fascinating read and I was delighted to help in the editorial stage. Some chapters seemed very disjointed to me and left me feeling a bit lost. And some of the stories, of the characters, were hard to read because it was upsetting and plain heartbreaking. I found the mysticism aspect of the book to be lacking. Interestingly, I remember reading somewhere that trying to avoid things reminiscent of a trauma is in itself a core symptom of PTSD, that must be fought against—a lot of PTSD treatments entail helping people confront their fears and triggers rather than run away from them.

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Is that something that comes up much in this book? The way you describe it it seems like it does: for instance, the one drug-addicted character who has to confront the needles and syringes from their past. Or am I misunderstanding? Jesse is forced to confront her drug use in a never-ending cycle that mimics the cycle of addiction and recovery.

Every character in this book feels representative of a larger issue intersecting with black identity in the U. But I would really encourage you to give the book a shot, and let me know what you think. A good essay. I recommended this essay to my daughter who is a therapist since she has some patients who struggle with trauma. I love the way Naylor intertwines the different stories, transitioning from one to the next without it feeling jumpy.

One of my fav novels. The ending was so powerful in that all the characters had in common a safe place in the cafe and that the author did not try to make the audience feel better. Really tackles some pertinent issues of gender and race. I love the way the cafe in this story brings together characters with very different lives who share their stories. Fiction writers: learn. It actually has some interesting takes on the subconscious and psychology of people who have problems.

Trauma: Breaking Time & Space

Traumatic Reliving in History, Literature, and Film explores an intriguing facet of human behavior never yet examined in its own right - an individual or a group. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Traumatic Reliving in History, Literature, and Film will be of interest to a wide audience: memory researchers, neuroscientists.

I read this for a book club and this is not the kind of book that I would normally read. I know there will be a good discussion. This is a very thought-provoking and thorough essay! I really like your theory on creating safe spaces and healing trauma. Thank you for sharing it with us! Incredible-sounding plot. It boggles my mind that so many people still do not understand, or even acknowledge, that trauma, like physical illness, has a physical root that can, at least in most cases, be understood and at least somewhat healed.

Even if, as you suggested, some trauma is beyond healing, trauma sufferers are crying out for compassion, and many people outside trauma still fail to provide it. Beautiful discussion of what appears to be a complex but important text, this was well handled and honoured the work it discussed.