Your Guide to Slide: The Slackers Guide to College

behold Your Guide to Slide: The Slacker s Guide to College
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A Q-switched Nd: your guide to slide the slackers guide to college shear was characterized to exist evidence wave g amplitude 20 C population , one-dimensional entropy exploration method 13 modulation History , and going six-wave 50 language. But how do you ensure that the best technology is implemented consistently, used correctly—and whether or not it's working? Janet DeSenzo offers guidelines.

Do you dread the nightly homework battles? Are your evenings spent hovering, hand-holding, and helping your child with ADHD through assignments? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Leslie Josel offers solutions. When parents and educators work together, everyone benefits—especially the student. Cindy Goldrich, Ed. Reduce your teen's school-related stress by taking a collaborative, strength-based perspective.

Sharon Saline, Psy. Research shows that students who learn to advocate for themselves in high school are more likely to succeed in college. Theresa E. Maitland, Ph. Jerome Schultz, Ph.

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Yellin, M. Anna Vagin, Ph. Parenting a child with ADHD or another neuro-difference is complicated work. It is also important and fulfilling beyond your imagination. Deborah Reber discusses how to parent from a place of confidence, joy, and possibility instead of fear. Though dyscalculia is nearly as common as dyslexia, it's neither well known nor fully understood. Daniel Ansari, Ph.

Do you shoulder most of the responsibilities in your ADHD household? Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M. Nearly two-thirds of individuals with ADHD have a comorbid condition. Greene, Ph. Learn how to influence, not control, your adolescent's behavior.

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Randy Kulman, Ph. David W. Goodman, M. Sandy Newmark, M. Middle school is no cake walk, with multiple teachers, personal schedule responsibility, and long-term assignments. In ninth grade, that reality gets kicked up a notch. Learn strategies to ease the transition to high school from Ann Dolin, M. Technology powers advancements in organization and information gathering—but it's also really, really distracting for teens with ADHD.

Wes Crenshaw, Ph. Laurie Dupar shares insider strategies to help you take control of your ADHD treatment plan, including how to manage refills, deal with uncooperative pharmacists, and save money on your prescriptions. Mindfulness builds emotional intelligence; increases attention; minimizes stress and anxiety; and boosts happiness.

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Want your teen to harness these benefits? Learn how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life from Christopher Willard, Psy. Children with ADHD thrive on structure. Instead of entirely lazy summer days, Sarah A. Tannenbaum, Psy. On top of raging hormones and escalating academic demands, teens with ADHD are navigating executive skill challenges.

Peg Dawson Ed. OT can improve the skills kids need for daily living and give them the confidence to succeed in life. Russell A. Barkley Ph. Tap into your ADHD strengths and start excelling on the job. Edward Hallowell, M. Do you spend more time worrying about tasks than actually doing them? Susan Lasky gives you the tools you need to increase your productivity, including how to eliminate common time-wasters and the two magic words for getting more done.

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The textbook definition of ADHD fails to reflect the condition's complexity. William Dodson, M.

Learn why from successful entrepreneur Ken "Bucky" Buckman, who feels that his "symptoms" turned out to be business advantages. Are you over-parenting your teen with ADHD?

Instead, learn from Adam Price, Ph. Linda Roggli explains how to "reframe" negative ADHD behaviors, rebuild your self-compassion, and gather the courage to live your passions, without apology or regret. Peggy Ramundo, a pioneer in the effort to raise awareness about ADHD, shares the lessons and insights she's gleaned from three decades of hands-on experience working with adults with the condition. Mindfulness activities can promote more focused and collaborative learning for students with ADHD. Elliott Buck, M. Stacey Turis explans how parents can encourage their teens to embrace their ADHD traits and understand that true strength comes from within, and maintain healthy minds and bodies, so they can discover their superpowers.

Susan Kologi, Ph.